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Car leasing news: Nissan unveils new electric vehicle

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Car leasing customers who want to opt for a vehicle that is environmentally-friendly but that still performs well on the roads may be interested in Nissan's latest model.

The automaker has revealed details about its ESFLOW sports car - an all-electric vehicle.

"It looks like a sports car, handles like a sports car and performs like one too," the company stated.

Technology pioneered in the Nissan LEAF - which was presented with the European Car of the Year Award in November - has been utilised to create this concept car.

Nissan notes that the ESFLOW has a range of 240 km and can accelerate from zero to 100 km/hr in less than five seconds.

The vehicle boasts rear-wheel drive and makes use of two electric motors to power it, while the batteries have been positioned for optimum weight distribution.

In fact, reducing the weight of the car has been a priority, with Nissan making use of an aluminium chassis and innovative interior modelling to ensure it remains light.

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